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For support, text: (502) 442-0035
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When you are upset…
peer support is a text message away
Peer SOS is a free service that helps you cope with stress. SOS means “Save our Serenity.” When bad things happen and you are upset, what can you do to get back on track? Stress ruins your chances of being content.. Stress has a serious negative impact if you have chronic health or mental health issues. Stress makes you more likely to react in ways that you regret.

To learn more, click on any of the “Peer SOS" links for a summary description that includes more details of benefits and features or our Frequently Asked Questions page. You may also want to learn more about our full Altus Recovery suite of products, our research and our development team at about page.

About Social Support
Social support helps you cope. Research suggests that simply communicating the stressful event to someone—and receiving understanding in return—immediately begins to restore your serenity and stability. This seems simple, but people often find it hard to get the understanding and support that they need, when they need it.

For example, you may want to appear strong and self-reliant to family and friends, or you might not want to bother them, or you might not want to admit you’re hurting. You may feel vulnerable or afraid of being criticized when you open up to someone. Our refusal to get support just makes it worse for those of us who suffer from chronic health and mental health conditions, as our friends and family may not be able to truly understand our situation. They may mean well, but simply not know how to respond, leading to unwanted advice or criticism.

Peer Power
Research shows that when people with chronic health issues connect with others who have similar problems (peer groups) they can cope with stress better. If people get the understating and support they need when they need it they can stop their problem from getting bigger. Peer SOS is a reliable, accessible, and safe social network that helps you cope with stress, and in the long-run, build a strong and lasting peer support network.

Why Peer SOS?
Peer SOS makes it easy to get instant and anonymous support from people who can understand your problems. You send your stressor out to members of the social support group through text . Peers respond with encouragement and support, beginning anonymous discussion threads that last as long as you need them to. In the process, you will chat with people that you will want to add to your permanent network of social support and friends.

What is Required?
Its free. Just signup and select a Peer Group from those listed below. We do not send you email or share any personal information (see privacy statement). Outgoing Peer SOS distress messages are can be texted to 502-442-0035 from any cell phone. While you will receive all text messages using any cell phone with text messaging, to reply you need to either login to your account using a computer or use a smart phone. A smart phone automatically logs you in.

Peer SOS gives you control. You can limit the time of day and number of Peer SOS distress messages that you receive. You can change the Peer Group you are currently enrolled in at any time.
Mutual Help Peer Support Groups
What Peer Groups are currently available and how many members are there? We are just beginning to promote the site to treatment providers, and are relying on word of mouth to increase the numbers of persons registered. Tell your friends and treatment providers about Peer SOS!

Addiction Recovery (alcohol or other drugs)28 active members
Amy Test4 active members
Anxiety and Panic0 active members
Bipolar4 active members
Cigarette Addiction1 active members
Depression4 active members
Family of Drug Addicts and Alcoholics0 active members
Grief or Major Loss1 active members
Kent School Students and Alumni26 active members
PTSD or Traumatized0 active members
Rape Survivors1 active members
Suboxone / Methadone recovery6 active members
Wounded Warriors1 active members

Altus Recovery Naming and Logo
We (see about us) created a suite of products that help people in recovery from chronic conditions under a brand name of Altus Recovery. The programs help you stay on the right path in recovery. The name “Altus” was taken from a Latin word describing a high degree of depth, height and maturity; this is a good description of growth in recovery. Our logo suggests the image of a road, which represents the Altus road to recovery. The rock formations featured on this page are cairns, symbols of important events used to mark one’s journey, just as using the Altus tools help you to stay on the right path.